NAM 04 TRACK INFO  New Release out soon.

 RETRO. 80`s - Funk - Slap Rendition. 

 DRIVE ME. Acoustic - Strings - Promo / Trailer. 

 SHOWREEL TWO. Cinematic EDM Soundtrack. 

 ORCHASTRIC. Classical Backing / Dramatic.

 WHAT`S GOING ON.  Indie - Dance {ext-mix}.

 REBELLION. Video Soundtrack / Cinematic FX. 

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY. {Novelty / Dance}.|views:view=grid-view|paging:currentPage=0|paging:number=20


An independent library that has a variety of mainly instrumental show-reel backings for various commercial requirements.

We offer customizable - bespoke, pre and post audio design with an alternative range of compositional diversity featuring: 

Rock, Electro, EDM, 8o`s, Classical,

Novelty and Cinematics Design FX.

 NAM04 is a latest media based release coinciding NAM01, 02, 03 to complement various broadcasts that need to inspire and leave an eternal impression. 




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 NAM 03

 SHOWREEL ONE. Indie / Electro Rock.

 THEMED. Alternative Hard Rock.

 ELECTRO.  Dance / EDM.

 CRAZEO. Experimental / Novelty Rock.

 RECALL. Dance / EDM.

 A FINE LINE.  {Promo/Dance Mix}.

 PSYCHO-CHARM. Alt Intense Rock.

 LONDONO. {Dance - Promo}.

 PROMO 2.  Futuristic Dark Electro.

 2BLUE4U. Alternative Rock / Dance.

 ADVERTING.  {Gaming / Promo}.

We encourage desk top for best viewing.

  • Showreel One {remix}3:24
  • Themed {re-mast}3:22
  • Electro {cut-remix}2:08
  • Crazeo {ext-remix}4:03
  • Recall {re-mast}4:48
  • A Fine Line {promo/dance mix}1:27
  • Psycho-Charm3:43
  • Londono0:34
  • Promo 2 1:36
  • 2Blue4u {cut-remix}2:19
  • Adverting 1 smp 0:36

Copyright © N.Alchemy Music. All rights reserved. 

NAM 03-04 Promo Videos

  • Retro4:08
  • Drive Me {promo edit}1:03
  • Showreel Two3:23
  • Orchastric2:35
  • What`s Going On {ext-mix}6:41
  • Rebellion {video edit}5:55
  • Happy Birthday {novelty - danc1:03