Each track is constructed instrumentally and sectioned into themed parts for production music use. We also produce custom made tailored tracks for individual bespoke productions.

NAM 03


Recall {Re-mastered}  A whimsical dance theme. New Release.

Electro {Cut-Remix}  Mellow vibrant guitar / Dance / EDM. New Release.

Themed {Re-mastered}  Kicking bitter sweetness / hard blues rock. New Release. 

Showreel One {Remix}  Theme based ambience energy with attitude. New Release.

Psycho-Charm  Fast futuristic hard rock.

Londono  A commercial promo / cue.

Crazeo  A {fun} promo / cue edit. {EXT-REMIX}. New Release.

Promo2  Futuristic sounding ambiance.

2Blu4u {Cut-remix}  Experimental alternative rock. New Release.

A Fine Line  {Promo/Dance Mix}. Commercial upbeat dance promo edit.   

Adverting  Gaming - promo / backing.

More energetic tracks for various media usage coming soon.

NAM 01 02 03

Commercial / Backing - Alternative / Orientation Themed. 
Addict {Remix}.  New release.  Commercial pop promo with score elements.

Gag {Remix}.  New release.  Slow / Contemporary synth.  Atmospheric smooth flowing orchestration with minimalism and repartition constructed within a commercial vibe.

A Fine Line {Ext-Remix}.  Medium tempo / Light alt indie rock.  Sweet sounding ambience with graceful harmony fills rock to dance drum transformation. Very commercial.
Reflection  {Remix}. New release.  Slow / ballad type: A guitar / piano themed spellbound mystique with brooding rhythms using retrograde and minimalism. Compassionate backing.
Race Me Again  {remix due soon}.  Medium to fast / Alt rock.  Extravagant energetic groove with restrained guitars reminiscent of traditional genres. Solid hardcore backing.
Cake {Remix}.  New release. Medium / Funk.  A nonchalant enigmatic groove with a funky dance feel incorporating melodic rhythms and harmonically enhanced percussion effects.
What If I  {remix due soon}.  Slow / Mild.  Dreamy retrospective backing theme with mystical ambient overtones.

  • On The Edge {re-mast}3:43
  • Just Fly {re-mast}1:19
  • Distort {Remix}3:08
  • Never Ever {cut-remix}2:37

  • Addict {remix}2:32
  • Gag {remix}2:38
  • A Fine Line {ext-remix}2:11
  • Reflection {remix}1:27
  • Cake {remix}2:03

Copyright © N.Alchemy Music. All rights reserved. 

  • Recall {re-mast}4:48
  • Electro {cut-remix}2:08
  • Themed {re-mast}3:22
  • Showreel One {remix}3:24
  • Psycho-Charm3:43
  • Londono0:34
  • Crazeo {ext-remix}4:03
  • Promo 2 1:36
  • 2Blue4u {cut-remix}2:19
  • A Fine Line {promo/dance mix}1:27
  • Adverting 1 smp 0:36

NAM 01

{Back catalogue / smp refs}.  NEW RELEASED / RE-MASTERS.
Alternative rock – orientation themed with a live feel.
On The Edge  {Re-mastered}. Medium tempo / Alt rock: Solid rock groove, subtle eastern guitar harmonies leading to a heavy duel type guitar inferno of supernatural rhymical rhythm guitars.
Just Fly 
{Re-mastered}. Slow 5/4 alternative time signature / Mellow type ballard: Minimalism.
  {Re-mix}. Medium / Alt rock: Medium to high end energy legato, solid rhythm backing with a full live mixed feel. A good alternative vibe.
Yoo Too {Re-master due soon}. Slow / Mild clean indie rock: Sweet sounding repartition with hidden themes and effects.
Never Ever  {Re-mast}.  Slow / Alternative sub-genre grunge type: A live ambience feel with solo climes and mystique backing.
Second Nature {Re-master due soon}. Slow to medium / Progressive rock: Oriental type guitar harmonies, bitter sweet solos and high end legato.
Out Of Order {Re-master due soon}. Slow / Alt rock: Typical rock rhythms with alternative effect fills, 5/4 guitar tap sequence to alt riffs with eastern rattles of solo fills.
On One {Re-master due soon}. Medium to fast / Medieval hard rock: Voice like guitar sampled fills, punishing rhythm guitars with high energy soloing. A spellbound of questions and answers.
Gee Wizz {Re-master due soon}. Medium / Light weight indie rock: Fills and spills of energy combining sweet repartition and minimalism.
Subconscious {Re-master due soon}. Medium / Light indie rock: Hypnotic rhythms and kind solo fills with the use of repartition and minimalism.