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  • Addict {remix}2:32
  • Gag {remix}2:38
  • A Fine Line {ext-remix}2:11
  • Reflection {remix}1:27
  • Cake {remix}2:03

  • Recall {re-mast}4:48
  • Electro {cut-remix}2:08
  • Themed {re-mast}3:22
  • Showreel One {remix}3:24
  • Psycho-Charm3:43
  • Londono0:34
  • Crazeo {ext-remix}4:03
  • Promo 2 1:36
  • 2Blue4u {cut-remix}2:19
  • A Fine Line {promo/dance mix}1:27
  • Adverting 1 smp 0:36

  • On The Edge {re-mast}3:43
  • Just Fly {re-mast}1:19
  • Distort {Remix}3:08
  • Never Ever {cut-remix}2:37

NAM 03


Recall {Re-mastered}  A whimsical dance theme. New Release.

Electro {Cut-Remix}  Mellow vibrant guitar / Dance / EDM. New Release.

Themed {Re-mastered}  Kicking bitter sweetness / hard blues rock. New Release. 

Showreel One {Remix}  Theme based ambience energy with attitude. New Release.

Psycho-Charm  Fast futuristic hard rock.

Londono  A commercial promo / cue.

Crazeo  A {fun} promo / cue edit. {EXT-REMIX}. New Release.

Promo2  Futuristic sounding ambiance.

2Blu4u {Cut-remix}  Experimental alternative rock. New Release.

A Fine Line  {Promo/Dance Mix}. Commercial upbeat dance promo edit.   

Adverting  Gaming - promo / backing.

More energetic tracks for various media usage coming soon.

NAM 01 02 03

NAM 01

{Back catalogue / smp refs}.  NEW RELEASED / RE-MASTERS.
Alternative rock – orientation themed with a live feel.
On The Edge  {Re-mastered}. Medium tempo / Alt rock: Solid rock groove, subtle eastern guitar harmonies leading to a heavy duel type guitar inferno of supernatural rhymical rhythm guitars.
Just Fly 
{Re-mastered}. Slow 5/4 alternative time signature / Mellow type ballard: Minimalism.
  {Re-mix}. Medium / Alt rock: Medium to high end energy legato, solid rhythm backing with a full live mixed feel. A good alternative vibe.
Yoo Too {Re-master due soon}. Slow / Mild clean indie rock: Sweet sounding repartition with hidden themes and effects.
Never Ever  {Re-mast}.  Slow / Alternative sub-genre grunge type: A live ambience feel with solo climes and mystique backing.
Second Nature {Re-master due soon}. Slow to medium / Progressive rock: Oriental type guitar harmonies, bitter sweet solos and high end legato.
Out Of Order {Re-master due soon}. Slow / Alt rock: Typical rock rhythms with alternative effect fills, 5/4 guitar tap sequence to alt riffs with eastern rattles of solo fills.
On One {Re-master due soon}. Medium to fast / Medieval hard rock: Voice like guitar sampled fills, punishing rhythm guitars with high energy soloing. A spellbound of questions and answers.
Gee Wizz {Re-master due soon}. Medium / Light weight indie rock: Fills and spills of energy combining sweet repartition and minimalism.
Subconscious {Re-master due soon}. Medium / Light indie rock: Hypnotic rhythms and kind solo fills with the use of repartition and minimalism.

Each track is constructed instrumentally and sectioned into themed parts for production music use. We also produce custom made tailored tracks for individual bespoke productions.

Commercial / Backing - Alternative / Orientation Themed. 
Addict {Remix}.  New release.  Commercial pop promo with score elements.

Gag {Remix}.  New release.  Slow / Contemporary synth.  Atmospheric smooth flowing orchestration with minimalism and repartition constructed within a commercial vibe.

A Fine Line {Ext-Remix}.  Medium tempo / Light alt indie rock.  Sweet sounding ambience with graceful harmony fills rock to dance drum transformation. Very commercial.
Reflection  {Remix}. New release.  Slow / ballad type: A guitar / piano themed spellbound mystique with brooding rhythms using retrograde and minimalism. Compassionate backing.
Race Me Again  {remix due soon}.  Medium to fast / Alt rock.  Extravagant energetic groove with restrained guitars reminiscent of traditional genres. Solid hardcore backing.
Cake {Remix}.  New release. Medium / Funk.  A nonchalant enigmatic groove with a funky dance feel incorporating melodic rhythms and harmonically enhanced percussion effects.
What If I  {remix due soon}.  Slow / Mild.  Dreamy retrospective backing theme with mystical ambient overtones.